Continuing innovation of specialized tools

Bosco officially formed in earlier 2017 to fill our need to promote several inventions. After filing for Patent protection the next step was to get the inventions "out there." The owners completely agreed, let's do this correct, therefore Bosco was formed.

Bosco is formed as an LLC in the state of Oregon, our home state. We have our manufacturing facilities located in Bend Oregon where we are able to focus on production and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. If you have never experienced the wonderful state of Oregon, we can suggest Bend as a perfect place to start.

Our Products
Bosco has multiple has filed for multiple patents


We are all given the ability to look around our environment and see how we can make improvements. Once in a while we realize a tool or method could greatly impact several industries. This is the type of innovation we strive for at Bosco.

Take a look at the next video to see our innovations.

hhda a useful tile removal tool to make demolition easier

Our Mission


At BOSCO™, Our purpose is to provide innovative, reliable, simple solutions to craftsmen and DIY'ers everyday challenges. Currently, we are focusing on the field of Tile and other surface removal with the use of, SDS, demolition hammers. We have a sincere desire to reduce the effects, or you might say consequences, of everyday tasks such as; Tile Removal, repetitive Drilling tasks, Ice Removal, Hard- pan Removal, etc., with Safety and Ergonomics in mind for YOU and your EMPLOYEES.

HHDA™, HandHeld Demolition Assistant reduces wear and tear on your body because you can do the task standing up. Resulting in numerous benefits, including but not limited to, standing instead of being bent over to do the task, reducing fatigue, and maintaining a safe distance from the impact zone.

DUSTCUFF™, designed to dramatically reduce the danger from dust particulates, by picking them up at the impact zone, and transporting them via your vacuum system, to a safe containment system. An efficient tool focused on your safety.

It is our hope to extend our innovative ideas into many different fields of thought.

Meet the Bosco Team

Bosco is a family business, we want you to meet our family.

Steve spent years as a contractor.

Steve Boswell

Jesse has over 15 years with the flooring industry.

Jesse Boswell