Bosco's First Blog

For our first blog post we want to thank all who stop by. Bosco was formed with a geniune desire to make things that benefit others. The fact that you are here, looking at our work/products, means a lot to us, you are why Bosco exists. We thought we could take a moment and tell you who we are and where we come from.

Bosco was founded by Steve (father) and Jesse (son) Boswell, but really everything we do has been a family colaboration. Much of our family loves to build and make things with our hands. From homes, cars, trucks, airplanes, boats etc. our family has extensive experience. When we work on something beyond our expertise we have a long list of family to ring. We are very thankful for our list of advisors.

Although family has spread out, the roots have always been in Oregon. If you've had the pleasure to visit Central Oregon you know how inspiring it can be. 30 minutes in any direction and you have your choice of mountain terrain, lakes, rivers, and even the high desert. This is where our love of building things started to grow. We have done our best to utilize design to minimize waste in our products and build something sustainable.

When you have an opportunity to visit Oregon, don't forget to take in the food and drink...

Hopefully you will enjoy our site and our creations. Please, feel free to contact us at any point if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting.