Dustcuff™ - Demolition Hammer Dust Extraction

Dustcuff Plus™ is a Patent Pending dust shroud - dust extraction- attachment designed to fit SDS plus demolition hammers. Dustcuff Plus is for the DIY'er and the contractor who seldomly removes tile. It is designed to fit almost all SDS plus chipping hammers, it will NOT fit sds max chipping hammers.

Dustcuff Plus™ provides several benefits to you, your workers and your clientel

  • -When connected to an appropriate vacuum you can eliminate uneccesary dust from the work area
  • -Clean up after tile removal is eliminated/minimal when used properly
  • -Employers can put their workers safety first by minimizing silica dust exposure to employees
  • -A healthier work force contributes to a more productive workforce
  • -You will have a much happier clientel that is more likely to refer your company
  • -Dustcuff™ allows for quick and easy removal of the chisel to grease the tool


Dustcuff has 2 models available. The Dustcuff Pro™ is designed for trade professionals that perform demolition regularly and require features that will keep their workforce productive. The Dustcuff Pro is only available for SDS Max demo hammers. The Dustcuff Plus™ is available for SDS plus chipping hammers and made for contractors / DIY'ers who do not need the extra features of our Pro model.

Our Dustcuff Pro has been tested and proven to be fully functional with our HHDA™ attachment. HHDA and Dustcuff Pro can be purchased seperately at different times if desired, allowing for an upgradable system.

Dustcuff™ Pricing - Call to Order:
(541) 241-8957 or (541) 410-3003

Dustcuff Pro™: $449
Dustcuff Plus™: $275
Shipping/Handling: $18
Additional items
HHDA™: $950