Dustcuff™ - Demolition Hammer Dust Extraction

Dustcuff™ is a Patent Pending line of dust shroud - dust extraction- attachments made for SDS max and SDS plus demolition hammers. Dustcuff attachments are designed to be adaptable to a variety of chipping hammers. If you have a specific demolition hammer you would like us to fabricate an attachment for please send us an email, or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Currently, our dust extraction attachments fit several Bosch®, Makita® and Hilti® demolition hammers. When you purchase a Dustcuff Pro™ dust shroud for one make/model sds max chipping hammer and decide later to purchase a different make/model sds max demolition hammer you will simply need a new adapter for your new demo hammer, purchasing a whole new setup will not be necessary.

Our Dustcuff™ line provides several benefits to you, your workers and your clientel:

  • -When connected to an appropriate vacuum you can eliminate uneccesary dust from the work area
  • -Clean up after tile removal is eliminated/minimal when used properly
  • -Employers can put their workers safety first by minimizing silica dust exposure to employees
  • -A healthier work force contributes to a more productive workforce
  • -You will have a much happier clientel that is more likely to refer your company
  • -Dustcuff™ allows for quick and easy removal of the chisel to grease the tool


Dustcuff has 2 models available. The Dustcuff Pro™ for trade professionals that perform a large amount of demolition and require features that will keep their workforce productive. The Dustcuff Pro is only available for SDS Max demo hammers. The Dustcuff Plus™ is available for SDS plus chipping hammers and made for contractors / DIY'ers who do not need the extra features of our Pro model.

Our Dustcuff Pro has been tested and proven to be fully functional with our HHDA™ attachment. HHDA and Dustcuff Pro can be purchased seperately at different times if desired, allowing for an upgradable system.

Dustcuff™ Pricing - Call to Order:
(541) 241-8957 or (541) 410-3003

Dustcuff Pro™: $449
Dustcuff Plus™: $275
Shipping/Handling: $18
Additional items
HHDA™: $950